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How do they get a private unpublished phone number? When I am home and answer the call there is no one on the line. Whats up? We always pay our bills, so I do not understand why were are receiving calls from this phone number if this is a collection agency.

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I think this a scam to try to get information! We perform dry Carpet cleaning also. If you ever decide to expand to the Metro Atlanta area we would love to partner with you. Yet again the exact identical thing.

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Who calls from this number? Rang twice in the last 10 minutes instead of the left voice mailWho calls from this number? Rang twice in the last 10 minutes instead of the left voice mail.

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The ring originated in Canada. We are on a dont ring directory, we everyday get sms msgs with this no.

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Since we have a prepaid telephone this costs us money. I called them and got a recording that they're a company handling trade magazine subscription renewals. No ring this time, on a Publishers Clearing home Bouchure, a Mrs. Monica Leigh extention 1.

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Encana plans to pump the water to a proposed reservoir about six miles away. Cung Nguyen Dr. International Journal of Cultural Studies , 13 6 , pp. Aboriginal children under the law: a history of specific legislative provisions relating to Aboriginal children in South Australia D89tf La tulipe noire. Akuetteh, Charles K. Documentation: Interview summary available.

The Interneal Revenue agent was Mr. Henry Cohen Callers keep calling asking for David King, someone Ive never heard of. I got two calls on my cell phone. They are extremely rude when you speak to them. It was someone from 'Reward Redemptions'.

I have never listed my mobile which they called on any survey or contest. So, I will have to report them if it continues since every phone in my house is on the Do Not Call Registry. Have a great day. Let me this number to call them back. I did not call. They are ignorant.. It's one big scam to get personal info. Is it True??? If it is true reply me please I got a voicemail from a man claiming to be an office of my local distract court. This number was sent on November 3, at A.

Now I am getting several fraud calls from different phone numbers and threating my dad. My dad told them that I don't live with him and if they call again that he will have his lawyers on them. This is the third number and I think it is from the same company. Here are the other phone number they used and I look up the numbers and it said it came from Webster, New York. All I have been doing is monitoring my voicemail. Please help me by getting rid of these scam phone calls. Definitely not spam, you have to sign up to be put on list. I got paid for 2 hours on microphones, waiting for another survey!

Caller ID reads, Service info. The recording states that there have been a lot of foundation problems in my neighborhood and call them for an estimate. Yea, right, scammers. Credit Collection Agency. Do not talk to them, they are brutal and ruthless. No matter what you tell them they will keep calling and they call every single day. They do not respect the law on how often they are allowed to call or times of day.

They are calling for someone who used to have my cell number, I keep telling them that but they keep calling.

I get calls from them at 6 in the morning, it's out of hand and awful. I can be reached anytime up until pm central time.

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I'm not wasting my time calling them to report they have a wrong number. They'll figure it out. I'm surprised I'm getting this on the do not call list. Some creeper continuously rang looking us exactly what our name was. I just don't pick up the call.

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If they're not in my phone they're no one I want to talk to. They called me too.


Here's what you do - just call them back and press one at the option prompt to get yourself removed from their data base. Supposedly the number is out of Chico Ca. From what I have read, it is an automated call that tells you you have won a trip to Cancun, sometimes it tells you you have won money to help pay off a bill, but doesn't tell you what bill they are referring. It is also connected to two other numbers in two other states that do the same thing.