Blood Lust (The Preternaturals Book 1)

Blood Lust (Preternaturals Book 1)
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In the midst of a power struggle for vampire king, it soon becomes clear to Anthony that the only way to protect a fragile human in his care is to claim her as his mate.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Oh boy, Anthony, oh Anthony. He is a vampire with fangs and all, and MsWinters is really brave to make this fellow behave exactly. Blood Lust is the only book in the Preternaturals series that is 3 novellas tied together instead of one novel. However, the book reads more like one book from .

Meanwhile, his deepest wish is to have his lover awakened from the memory loss that took everything, not just the memories he meant to erase. Be small. Be invisible. It's an understandable life mantra for a human woman in a world of monsters. But even worse, Jane's blood contains a touch of vampire magic that makes her their target. With her faster-than-normal healing time, she's an ideal punching bag for the abusive vampire she's been living with, the one she thought might protect her this time. When he sells her to a werewolf in payment for a gambling debt, Jane is sure her life is over.

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But Cole may be the one being who can free her from the vampires for good. That house. You know the one. It's the one that seems alive from the road, the one that watches you, the one that seems to always be for sale, the one Anna Worthington has wanted to live in since childhood. Ghost stories be damned. But the dark being that haunts this house is something far more sinister than a ghost. Luc is an ancient incubus, trapped by a year-old curse, and Anna is a temptation too sweet for any demon, let alone a practically starved and crazy one.

This is an anthology of: Kept, Claimed, and Mated. KEPT: No one should have to be on the run from their family. Family is who you can trust, right? Yet, when Greta learns the werecat tribe plans to sacrifice her on the full moon to steal her potent magical blood, she ditches common sense in favor of running to the one man who can protect her.

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Will Dayne kill her as he has so many others of her kind, or is his grudge against her family strong enough to save her? Yet, all it takes is one human with amnesia, to soften his heart.

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A time before she feared him. In the midst of a power struggle for vampire king, it soon becomes clear that the only way to protect a fragile human in his care is to claim her as his mate. Meanwhile, his deepest wish is to have his lover awakened from the memory loss that took everything Be invisible. The human is a small price for the vampire to pay to be debt-free.

Cole is attractive and warmso different from the coldness and death Jane has grown used to. Create Widget.

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About Zoe Winters. About the Series: The Preternaturals Series. Everyone is the hero of his own story. This series is complete and contains 6 books. Each book can work as a stand alone. Also in Series: The Preternaturals Series. Victoria Zigler reviewed on on April 12, A great start to the series reviewed 56 days after purchase.

Nicole Thornton reviewed on on May 28, Really enjoyed this one.

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If they had all been that sweet and non creepy I would actually read others by this author. Winters provided more physical description of each character, whereas I believe the trend is to provide less so the readers can fill in more of the gaps with their own preferences. Anyways yea I'd put this right up there with some of the top paranormal romance books. Want to Read saving…. The only humans aware of this world are the magic users: witches, wizards, and sorcerers who enjoy the ability to mix with the humans or the monsters depending on what suits their current purposes.

Thanks Ms Winters! Ashlee Scheuerman reviewed on on Feb. This works especially well for a novella collection, where we want to dive right into the story itself. An expansive an well-established world is bared, promising more sassy tales with interesting characters! Looking forward to reading more from Zoe Winters. Gyorgyi Conable reviewed on on June 23, Really liked these books!!!

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Liked her stories and characters!! Please keep them coming!!! Katja Rinne reviewed on on March 25, Her only hope for survival is Dayne, a sorcerer who once massacred most of the tribe.

Who Turned Him? 😱 - Blood Lust #3

One example being this werecat thing. This is an issue also in Claimed, the second novella in the book. Claimed goes a bit more into the love child of all paranormal writers, vampires. I liked the beginning and middle of the novella more than I liked the ending. I guess the tournament was a hard one to write, but it felt very rushed for me.

Compared to Kept it was better with the storytelling, but lost a bit in the originality and the rushed end. In the third novella, Mated, Winters binds together some lose ends from the first story and I think it actually makes up for some of the bad things in Kept. On the other hand it takes some of the good feelings from Claimed away without really explaining why. The female lead, Jane though is very much as she was in Claimed and the transition to tell her tale was very smooth. And I like how Winters shifted the view of werewolves very naturally without breaking the world introduced in the previous novellas.

That might be the thing I like most about these stories: when you come to the end of the story, you still get the same feeling about being in the same world, and characters are not forgotten, even though some might have changed.