Creative Tax Strategies for Creating Financial Freedom

The Ultimate Guide To Financial Freedom
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While investment income is extremely slow but fairly stable, passive incomes streams can develop quickly with the unfortunate side effect of higher volatility. These are ordered in terms of how much leverage each step provides. Decreasing the amount you need will speed everything up the most, followed by maximizing investing, followed by passive income.

Passive Income Starts With Saving

The most important step for making this rapid retirement reasonable is reducing the amount that you need invested to pull it off. By doing this first, you both decrease how much you need to have saved, and increase the amount you have available to save. I like traveling and eating out and drinking wine and not having to worry or feel guilty about every single purchase.

Find a smaller apartment, get a roommate, move to a different part of the city, ditch the home office in favor of coffee shops, whatever works for you.

Ranking Various Passive Income Investments

Live somewhere walkable. Trade down to something cheaper or more fuel efficient. Play the credit card game and fly for free.

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Travel on off days to significantly reduce flight expenses. Buy in bulk from Costco. Make fat a bigger part of your diet, especially from butter and oil. Anything you can wait 2 days for you can wait 2 weeks for. That could be credit cards, loans, financed purchases, anything. Make that priority 1 if you have any debt that you can accelerate paying down.

209 Tax Strategies And Financial Freedom Part 1

You need to take all of the leftover money and shovel it into an investment account. Set it up to take out a set amount each month, and if you stumble into any extra money beyond your normal income amount, invest that as well. What will help is to set a goal for the amount of passive income you want to generate, and then add that to your spreadsheet as motivation to build it.

Clarifying Financial Freedom

Overall, the real value of your income is partially determined by the amount you can invest to achieve a financial independence goal. House flipping, as this process is called, is largely a math game, and significant profits can be made by those willing to take on the challenge. I eliminate shiny objects and create holistic Plans that work together, so you get the benefits of a complete puzzle. Andrew and our Strategy Team work with you to create a holistic approach that gets results. Yet, if he had earned the same amount from within a pension plan or IRA, he wouldn't pay a single penny in taxes. The majority of my duties were shredding important documents, filing, and other basic administrative duties.

This has been a ton of information, so here it is again in simple steps to make it easier to follow:. Then consider signing up for my Monday Medley newsletter. It's a collection of fascinating finds from my week, usually about psychology, technology, health, philosophy, and whatever else catches my interest. I also include new articles, book notes, and podcast episodes.

It can be a cliche but it is a fundamental reality of money. To escape the spending trap, you need to understand that income is not long-term wealth. What is wealth? Income is obviously a component of wealth, but wealth can have varying definitions. Many people see wealth as their total net worth at any given time. Wealth can be referred to as the part of your balance sheet that is considered equity.

The wealth you have after liquidating. Thinking long-term is an important characteristic of accumulating wealth and achieving financial independence. There can be several considerations for long-term wealth, and they will differ for everyone. If you are a doctor or lawyer, you need to put in long hours after years of specialty training and higher education to get a paycheck. However, in any occupation, as discussed, your annual salary does not necessarily translate to wealth. Side gigs, private investments and a host of other variables can also be utilized for long-term thinking, wealth accumulation, and achieving financial independence.

A few considerations here may include a portfolio of private businesses, car washes, parking garages, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, patents, trademarks. Some of these cash generators can be relied on for long-term income in addition to your job or just as cash generators that can pull in money while you take long vacations or sit by the pool. When you take a look at your personal balance sheet, you may already have organic investments you can rely on in your quest for financial independence.

The more of these investments you can afford, the sooner you can fully achieve financial independence. Overall, the real value of your income is partially determined by the amount you can invest to achieve a financial independence goal.

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Setting this goal can be important for keeping your perspective on income in check. At your goal, you can successfully maintain the lifestyle you want without working.

Concluding Thoughts on Building Wealth Fast

Thus, your level of wealth can also be measured by your long-term thinking and potential sustainability. Working with a financial adviser can help you to set a goal for wealth accumulation that allows you to maintain your standard of living without an additional paycheck and achieve the financial independence of your dreams. As discussed, the only way to take advantage of investment opportunities is to have the money to invest.

The reality of successful investing is that there is a certain point where you reach critical mass, and the returns generated on your assets can change your life e. Amassing wealth and becoming financially independent is a slow process that takes time. You do small things every day such as cut your expenses, generate extra income and put the money into brokerage and tax-deferred retirement accounts. With time, it begins to amount to something. As each new opportunity appears, you can react on a larger scale than your previous investments. It's when the interest, dividends, and capital gains your money has earned begin to generate their own interest, dividends, and capital gains, and on and on in a virtuous cycle.

Go Where You're Treated Best®

Commentator Larry Kudlow pointed out one of the great truths years ago when he said that profits are nothing more than margins times revenue. The profoundness of that statement is sometimes lost by its simplicity. The only way you can have more money left over at the end of the month is to either increase revenue your paycheck, business sales, billable hours, or whatever it is that provides funds to cover your bills or decrease costs.

That's it. Write it down. Frame it.

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Creative Tax Strategies for Creating Financial Freedom eBook: Kara Krystina Ostroski-Francis: Kindle Store. In her latest release, Creative Tax Strategies For Creating Financial Freedom, Kara Krystina Ostroski-Francis, Esq. takes pleasure in enlightening her readers on.

It's that remarkable. Your choices are to increase revenue, cut costs, or both.

Not all income is equal. An illustration is in order. Yet, if he had earned the same amount from within a pension plan or IRA, he wouldn't pay a single penny in taxes. This is why you should do everything you can, within reason, to fully fund your retirement plans, as well as to focus on how your seemingly small decisions help or hurt tax planning. No decision is too small. Many people factor in control over their time when considering their wealth.

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Having complete control over your time is often one factor of achieving financial independence. You may not have totally reached the investing goal that allows you to maintain your lifestyle without an additional paycheck, but having total control over how you spend your day can be a variable factored in to how you define wealth.

If each morning, when you show up to the office, or the job site, or the practice field, or studio, it feels like you are unwrapping a Christmas gift—then you are successfully on track for achieving financial independence. If you find the profession that gives you that feeling, and you are disciplined in your management of the business side of it by controlling costs, you have a huge advantage over your competition because you may continue to work 10, 15, 18 hours a day or 2, 4, or 10 years longer, not because you need to, but because you love the process and product itself.

According to decades of extensive research by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.