Reflections of Fire

Reflection 57: A Fire Within Your Soul
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Reflections on Fire, Creativity and the Miracle of Chanukah

ISSN Curriculum leadership is a complex and demanding practice, which goes beyond the research and disciplinary expertise of the curriculum leader. Engaging and leading educators in a process of curriculum change is not easy: it can be a difficult, and sometimes chaotic journey which is often characterised by philosophical debate, the calling into question of current practices, fear, and even openly acknowledged resistance.

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In order for change to succeed, leaders of curriculum change must facilitate a shared ownership of the change process. This will require the bringing together of individuals with different personal priorities and rallying them around a common goal, e.

Ed programmes. Our curriculum renewal journey involved the use of problem-posing pedagogies and required us to employ transformative types of leadership strategies.

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Furthermore, this paper will highlight particular defining moments during the curriculum renewal journey, where stakeholder consultation and the use of transformative methodologies assisted in prompting deep, critical reflection on the re designing of our B. Every night, people will have the chance to witness and experience the act of abandon.

Silent Kingdom-Reflections of Fire

This is a spectacle of the spirit, and not a spectacle of scale. Following our successful run and remount of Tabletop Tragedies, we now move into the second element of our mission: to realize ritual for our city.

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Partnering with the Trail and Night Out in the Parks, Cabinet will amplify its successfully unique Ritual Training Program, which serves diverse students from across the nation. Cabinet of Curiosity is committed to developing original, modern ritual through the act of collaboration with diverse communities of people devoted to equity, transformation, and hope. We mounted Tabletop Tragedies to sold out audiences, paid our diverse cast equitable wages for rehearsal and performance hours, formalized our Ritual Apprentice Program, and gathered an incredible Board.

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We have successfully raised the funds to support the dancers of Blu Rhythm to courageously devise a new ritual experience drawing from my decades of work in installation, ceremony and participatory community celebration and their devotion to dance and supporting youth from the west and south sides of Chicago. We are very grateful to have an enterprise of such integrity and ambition.

Co-directed by: Frank Maugeri and Tanji Harper. Lyrics and song by: Lea Violet. NoPro is a labor of love made possible by our generous Patreon backers: join them today!

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May Your love and Mercy become a blazing fire in me so that I may be consumed by You and so that others may sense Your love through me. Reflections on the Motive Power of Fire and on Machines Fitted to Develop that Power is a book published in by French physicist Sadi Carnot.

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