Roadside to Courtroom: Avoid and Negotiate Traffic Tickets

Michigan DUI Court Process
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Arant knew that his client was a student who hoped to transfer to a 4 year college soon and being on a probation for a criminal drug offense would make it difficult, if not impossible to transfer to the schools of his choice. After additional negotiation with the District Attorney and a conversation with the District Attorney and Judge in the Judge's chambers, Mr. Arant was able to negotiate for a Deferred Entry of Judgement, which meant that as long as the client did not get any new offenses for a period of several months, Mr.

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Arant and the client could come back to court at the end of that time and get the case dismissed. Her car had run out of fuel on the freeway, so she had pulled over to the right - hand side and waited for her boyfriend to bring her some more gas. While waiting for him, the CHP came by to do a welfare check to make sure she was ok. Our Client performed well on the physical tests, but unfortunately blew a. At the jail, she blew a. The client is a single mother who works 7 days a week to support herself and her family, so she absolutely needed the best possible defense team to reduce these charges.


The fine is cut in half, and she is required to complete only the 12 Hour DUI school vs the 30 Hour class. Our client left with tears of joy and our office pleased with the justice served. Client J. However, not long after getting on the freeway, she began to get very sleepy and felt the safest thing to do would be to pull over and "sleep it off" on the side of the freeway.

Although this is certainly safer than continuing to drive, it alerted the CHP, who encountered her pulled over and stopped behind her to do a "welfare check. Although the police typically need a reason to contact you, such as alleging that you committed a vehicle code violation while driving like speeding, swerving, running a red light, or driving without your headlights on, the "Community Caretaker" exception allows the police to contact any person who may appear to be in danger or in need of assistance, such as any person pulled over on the side of the freeway.

After contacting our client, the CHP officer detected the presence of alcohol on her person, and asked her to complete a series of roadside Field Sobriety Tests. She completed those tests, and lawfully refused the roadside Preliminary Alcohol Screening test, the handheld breathalyzer. Her Blood Alcohol Content came back at. This allowed our client's family to be able to afford bail and bail him out so he could be home to get back to work to help support them and, more importantly, to be home with them for the holidays.

He also had 3 prior Drunk in Public charges PC f , with one even occurring earlier this year. At arraignment, the DA stated she wanted to remand my client into custody due to him being a "clear danger to the community" but I was able to negotiate a possibility of a low bail amount and put the issue over to the next hearing 4 weeks later so my client could remain out and work. Meanwhile, I had my client begin attending AA classes immediately, seek outpatient therapy through his health care provider, and begin the process of enrollment into a Sober Living Environment to attempt to lower the amount of any actual jail time.

At the next hearing, I had my bail bondsman at the ready to post bail at the courthouse so my client would not actually see the inside of a jail cell prior to sentencing. He will wear an electronic SCRAM bracelet to monitor his blood alcohol levels while out of custody, which helps ensure he will not drink any alcohol when he is physically out of jail.

Perhaps even more importantly, I encouraged him to seek counseling and perform community service voluntarily to show the court that he is both remorseful about his past mistakes, and also grateful for the opportunity to remain out of custody and serve his community. Our client was a decorated police officer who due to a momentary lack in judgment received a DUI and thereafter lost his job in law enforcement which quickly added to the problems at home and prompted a filing for divorce. Our client needed to terminate his probation early so that he could get back to work as a law enforcement officer and be better able to provide for his family, whatever form that family might take in the future.

We collected dozens of documents and letters of recommendation to demonstrate all of the exceptional work he had done since the date of the arrest, including voluntarily enrolling himself into rehab, meeting all of the terms of his probation successfully for two years, performance of substantial amounts of community service, and remaining clean and sober despite losing his job and family.

After extensive negotiations with the court and District Attorney, we demonstrated that he was a prime candidate to have his probation terminated an entire year early and the court agreed, terminating it right there on the spot.

We are happy to report that as a result of our efforts, our Client was able to secure a job in law enforcement and now has that Second Chance that we all deserve. Our client was very concerned about her immigration status due to her being in the United States on a H-1B work visa.

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You can download and read online Roadside to Courtroom: Avoid and Negotiate Traffic Tickets file. PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also You can. Free PDF Roadside To Courtroom Avoid And Negotiate Traffic Tickets Ebooks_ ebook any format,. You can get any ebooks you wanted like Roadside To.

With this in mind, we negotiated with the District Attorney's office for them to dismiss all Theft charges in exchange for our Client's agreement to plead to a non-theft related Infraction charge. The successful negotiation of this case means that our Client will very likely face no immigration consequences as a result of this case. Charges for DUI vary depending on your age, license type, and or previous convictions. If convicted, penalties you face could include:. We know how to argue, negotiate and win at trial, if necessary. DUI charges require a special assessment of the particular facts involved in your case, which may include:.

To lose your privilege to operate a motor vehicle affects your life overall, and especially your ability to go to work and earn a living.

SPECIAL REPORT: Save Money On Your Next Traffic Ticket

Not to mention having high fines and increased insurance premiums. Our attorneys also conduct hearings with the DMV on a weekly basis. We know the technicalities associated with field sobriety tests, chemical tests, oversights, and the common flaws made by law enforcement during an arrest. Driving with a suspended license can carry serious penalties.

Fight My Ticket attorneys fight tickets for driving with a Suspended License. We fight to get your license reinstated. Plus, we negotiate any penalties and most times keep our clients from going to jail. At Fight My Ticket , we also negotiate and conduct hearings with the DMV for negligent operators and the accumulation of points on your driving record.

Our goal with suspended license tickets is to get the suspended license charge dismissed—along with the points associated with it. In order to negotiate the reinstatement of your license, we rely on over 20 years of court experience in helping other motorists in fight tickets in court. Resolving a suspended license is an ordeal most drivers do not want to deal with. Fight My Ticket attorneys investigate the causes and complexities of a suspension to resolve the underlying issues. We have helped many people navigate the legal maze to resolve the suspension and reinstate their license.

Our attorneys fight for you to get you your license back.

Our lawyers have successfully reinstated hundreds of California Drivers Licenses for drivers just like you. If you fail to appear in court as indicated on your traffic citation or as ordered by the court, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. Additionally, other penalties may apply such as civil assessments and higher fines. In addition to having a Warrant or Hold, your citation can be referred to collections for non-payment or non-appearance.

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Typically the court places a hold against your license and a civil fee is accessed. Fight My Ticket can file for an Abstract so you can get back your license while we fight your ticket. Successful results include having the entire case dismissed, or the court fines and fees drastically reduced. We can do this without you having to go to court. Until then, you are subject to arrest and a hold can be placed on your license.

The attorneys at Fight My Ticket can appear on your behalf and resolve all of your court issues. If you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint you a public defender. How long you wait to be released from police custody depends heavily on factors such as how long it took to process your arrest, the time and day you were arrested, your sobriety level, and whether you qualify for bail.

How To Deal With Traffic Ticket Convictions In Ontario

This is an amount of money paid to secure your release and a financial promise that you will return to court. If you fail to show up for your trial, the money you paid is forfeited to the state. The amount of your bail may be set by statute or be up to the discretion of the judge. It can be set for thousands of dollars, which many people cannot pay themselves.

If this is the case, Michigan allows you to use a private bail bondsman. You might be let out before your car is free from impound, so you will need a ride home from a family member, a friend, or a taxi service.

#1 Trucking Traffic Violation - Speeding

Additionally, once you are able to retrieve your car from the impound, you will have to pay to have it released. Your attorney will need to contact the SOS soon after your arrest to argue against the suspension. Your first appearance in court is known as your arraignment.