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Consuming hunger. Hatred of all that lives. Hatred of women. A hunger that never dies. It is strong, overpowering. An ancient terror. It has a name. Beratis, Kesla, Redjac! Devouring all life, all light. A hunger that will never die! The lights go out, and she screams. When the lights come on again, the flame has gone out.

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Scott is standing holding Sybo in his arms, then he lets her go and she falls forward across McCoy's lap. There is a knife in her back. Scotty simply could not have done it.

You don't even remember whether you did it or not. I'm perfectly satisfied Mister Scott is guilty. KIRK: But not responsible. KIRK: We can prove it, if he's insane. How could any man do such monstrous things? KIRK: That's what we hope to find out, sir. On the Enterprise, we can make a recording of the registrations of Mister Scott's conscious and subconscious mind. They will tell us what happened to him in the recent past.

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We would know. And after all, that's what we're after, isn't it, Prefect? To know? Will your machines tell us this? KIRK: No doubt will remain. We will go to your ship, and he who is guilty will face the ancient penalties, barbaric and horrible though they may be. The ancient penalty for murder was death by slow torture. That law has never been changed. Do you understand that, Mister Scott?


I understand. With Mister Scott in a technical state of arrest, we have beamed aboard the Enterprise to continue the investigation.


"Wolf in the Fold" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. Written by Robert Bloch and directed. Scott is suspected of killing several women while on shore leave on Argelius II. However, a more sinister force may provide a connection between this murder.

KIRK: Each testifier will sit here, place his hand on this plate. Any deviation from factual truth will be immediately detected and relayed to this computer which will in turn notify us. Doctor McCoy has already fed the computer his medical reports. Our laboratory experts are examining the murder weapon and will give their data to the computers for analysis.

Shall we begin? Jaris nods. Scott sits on the raised chair and puts his right hand on the sensor plate. Yet at no time does the camera let us see all his finger.

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KIRK: Computer, identify verification. Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott. Serial number SET. KIRK: Subject's present physical condition.

Subject recently received severe blow on skull. Damage healing.

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Some peripheral abnormalities. KIRK: Sufficient abnormalities to account for periods of functional amnesia? I don't remember a thing about the first two murders. KIRK: Computer, accuracy scan. No physiological changes. I didn't black out when Mister Jaris' wife was killed. When the lights went out, the circle was broken.

I heard the poor lady scream, and as I was near the head of the table anyway I went toward her.

Wolf in the Fold (episode)

But there was something in my way. KIRK: Something?

You mean someone. Cold, it was, like a stinking draught out of a slaughterhouse, but it wasn't really there. Like it. KIRK: Computer. KIRK: All right. Let's hit it on the head.

Scotty, did you kill Sybo? That I'm sure of. It means no more now than it did before. KIRK: Scotty, lie to me.

Wolf in the Fold

How old are you? Data in error. The lights were out. Anyone would've had time to kill the lady. The knife still in her back and blood on his hands. KIRK: The verifier showed that he was telling the truth when he said he didn't kill her. Did you kill Kara? KIRK: After we take the testimony here, we'll run a psycho-tricorder analysis of Mister Scott's memory, which is what we wanted to do on the surface. That will give us a complete record. Will that satisfy you, Mister Hengist?

KIRK: There will be no error. As for the rest of it, the readings will show. You can step down, Mister Scott, if there are no objections. We will co-operate. I do, however, reserve to myself the right to make the final determination. KIRK: We can ask no more. Mister Morla, will you take the stand? He does so.

Walking home, I assume. I was angry. Were you angry enough to do violence? I don't think I could.

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Contents [ show ]. Club commented that "women are treated like a completely different species". Okay, back to funny lines from this episode. This analysis explains and makes congruent the behavior of all the characters. Having an ensign repeat Kirk's "mistake," leading to more deaths and Kirk's over-reaction, is an unimaginative but decent way to show how seriously Kirk's head is mucked up, but making that ensign another Garrovick—the son of the captain Kirk so revered, in fact—is really pointless. At the same time, Nimoy had secured a pay rise and creative control going into the second season , and it had been decided that the Spock-centric Amok Time would be the second season premiere.

You've got to believe me. I wouldn't kill her. I loved her, and she loved me.